Enter The Wolves' Den 3.0 Start In

Enter The Wolves' Den
Enter the Wolves’ Den- Chasing Unicorns & Dragons: Delving deep into the Thought Processes of Leading Investors in a powerful and ruthless session that enables innovative start-ups & trail-blazers to real-time test the positive impact of their solutions.

Step 1 - Submit Application
Startups need to submit their details prior to the starting of the session. One of the main criteria will be the short pitch in 150 words about their product or service. 5 startups will be nominated during the live session & be given the opportunity to pitch in front of the Panelist.

Step 2 - Make Your Pitch: Start-Ups & Trail-Blazers
A. 5 minutes elevator pitches from each participating start-up/trailblazer to highlight their value proposition and FinTech impact of their solution. B. 10 minutes each startup/trail-blazer for robust interrogation of their unique value proposition from the panel of judges.

Step 3 - Wolves’ Final Feedback: Assessment & Discussion