COVID-19 has been an eyeopener for all the businesses including the fintech domain and challenged our disaster management processes. These circumstances are catastrophic on some businesses while have opened several avenues for few others. Fintech, due to its ability to ease financial transactions has been the focal point in these times when the governments and health officials across the world are discouraging any physical contacts with public commodities, currency notes being one. This only makes the role of fintech platforms quintessential in helping both customers and businesses with remittances. With the number of smartphones on an upward trajectory, it also becomes easier for the fintech service providers to reach even the underbanked population. This is also a glaring sign of what awaits us after the crisis is over – the need for a stable, secured and omni-channel fintech ecosystem by both banks and FIs. We believe that as an industry we have a lot to offer to the society at this juncture both, as a business and as a collaborator.
Manoj Jain | Chief Marketing Officer | Panamax, Inc.